Bluebird Espresso

Bluebird Espresso
134 Johnston Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066

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Ernest and I were around Collingwood to visit the camera clinic before the Coldplay concert. We did our homework the night before and chose Bluebird Espresso because of their high reviews. Collingwood is an interesting suburb. There were tons of thrift stores and wall graffiti, not to mention plenty of hipster looking cafes and antique shops.

Bluebird Espresso is a small cafe with a cosy interior and backyard. It was a sunny day but was slightly cooling: the perfect weather to be brunching outdoors. Backyards are one of my personal favourites when cafe exploring, and it’s always my preferred table unless the weather gets cranky. After being warmly greeted by the staff, we settled down in one of the tables in the backyard.

Ernest had a chai latte while I ordered a mocha. Coffee tasted great, it was rich but not overpowering .Coffee has almost become a standard for me to kickstart any breakfast/brunch expeditions. The classic photo on YouWanderlust’s cafe posts: le coffee + name card, LOL.

Ernest ordered baked eggs (chorizo, tomato sugo & feta w toasted sourdough) and I had the mushroom melt (thyme buttered mushrooms, melted gruyere, rocket & a poached egg). The food was delicious and I was well satisfied. The chorizo in Ernest’s baked eggs was a great combination with the rest of the other flavors and an ingenious ingredient to tie up the whole meal together. The mushroom melt could have been less salty but the mushrooms were cooked to perfection. It was juicy with every bite and melted in my mouth with the cheese and yolk compensating for the excess salt.

In my opinion, Bluebird Espresso is definitely a must visit in Collingwood. Food, atmosphere and service are all highly rated! A good brunch is a sure way to kickstart a good day of adventure.


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