Rooftop Bar & Cinema

Rooftop Bar & Cinema 
Unit S15, Level 7 252
252 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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Contrary to the typical Monday blues, I had an exceptional start to the week! I was out with my girls at the Rooftop Bar & Cinema. For starters, I had always wanted to visit this place but couldn’t find the time or opportunity to. I had a lovely Monday night – amazing night view, pleasant weather and warm lightings.

I really loved the place, nothing too fancy but I liked how cosy and open the whole place was. The bar also operates as a cinema, screening movies and films from time to time. The selection is more unique than average, often leaning towards independent films and related genres.

I was a little carried away with my photo taking (as usual) and wasn’t able to fully absorb myself in the whole atmosphere. I love writing this blog, from going to new places to taking photos to editing the photos to composing the posts etc. But I got to admit, it is increasingly difficult to enjoy myself when I am out with my friends because I am always distracted by the camera. Just so you know, I took more than 200 shots just to filter out these 6 shots. Nevertheless, I’m working hard towards my resolution: improving my photography skills and BUY A DSLR.

Overall, the Rooftop Bar & Cinema is a great place to hang out with your friends, talk over a drink and take the pressure off school or work and simply soak up the atmosphere! Generally, shops in Melbourne closes as early as 5pm and the streets are rather quiet on the weekdays even in the city. So if you are looking for somewhere nice to go at night, the Rooftop Bar & Cinema is definitely one of my personal favorites and a guaranteed  good time out with your friends.


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