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Bidding goodbye to the last week of my second academic year, I can’t believe 24 weeks have just flew past and it is finally time for exams and then summer holiday and home.

Week 12 is always that time of semester. It is almost as if my body switches to the semi-panic mode. Besides sending resumes for summer internships and booking holidays flights, it always dawned upon me that my time in university is running short. Thoughts of my future are rather vague and intimidating in that way but yet exciting.

Nevertheless, whatever time of the year it is, brunch is always a must for the soul, heart, tummy and everything else.

Dressed in my new scallop pirate print skirt, D and I were out some time ago for our most anticipated activity of the week – brunch. The thirty degrees heat that afternoon couldn’t stop our greed (or food lust) as we headed to one of our favorite cafe. Having said that, Melbourne’s weather had just went to a combination of windy and rainy, dropping to an average of 13 degrees for the past few days.


Back at one of our all-time favorites, we always stick to the same orders whenever we visit the Pillar Of Salt. Serving the best corn fritters in Melbourne, this dish has always kept us returning for more!







While the breakfast menu at other cafes such as Two Birds One Stone or MArt130 has always left us a lasting impression what a good brunch should be like, Pillar Of Salt still emerges as champion, winning our hearts every time with their house-made corn fritters. Perfectly done, these corn fritters topped with smoked salmon along side their wild rocket grapefruit salad are definitely your go-to corn fritters fix!!

On the side note, I have a great news to share! I have just embarked on this exciting collaboration with Burpple and working on a new food guide! Cant wait to show you guys after it is written.

For the SWOTVAC (recess week) tunes: #nowplaying: There is no love – Charlie Lim. Some love for the local talent there.

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